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Sichuan Jinyi Corporation is a group company focusing on advanced production technology and resource integration as corporate development direction. It was founded in 1997 and renamed in April 2005 Guanghan Jinyi Metallurgy Charging Co., Ltd., While building its own R&D capability, the Corporation also establishes a good cooperative relationship with some universities and Colleges. And the Corporation regularly supplies large-scale quoted companies with metal materials. To adapt to the status quo of integration of China’s scientific and technological resources and enhance corporate innovation capability, the Corporation successively established Guanghan Xinjinyi Alloy (Steel) Co., Ltd. in 2010.
The Corporation takes advantage of the western Sichuan platform, low cost of hydropower resources as well as rich mineral resources (such as silicon, calcium, barium, vanadium, molybdenum, nickel and rare earth) to vigorously explore products with unique market competitiveness.
The Corporation has been audited by China Quality Certification Center and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. It strives for survival on the basis of quality, seeks development by credibility, pursues innovation through technology and achieves profits based on good management. It is a manufacturing enterprise that mainly produces ferro-nickel, nickel-chromium-iron, silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium, calcium-based silicon-aluminum-calcium, aluminum-calcium and other kinds of alloy charge and it has an excellent well-managed team and a sound set of rules and regulations as well as operating procedures. The Corporation has over 20 senior engineers and professional scientific and technical personnel. While building its own R&D capability, the Corporation also establishes a good cooperative relationship with China Iron & Steel AssociationGeneral Research Institute For Nouferrous Metals Tohoku Institute of Technology, Chongqing University, Chongqing University of Science & Technology, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Beijing Steel Institute, Kunming Institute of Precious Metals, etc., forming a model of production, learning and research developed and transformed through technical cooperation. It also successfully established a national vacuum laboratory. The building of the Corporation’s R&D system is highly effective and continuous technical breakthroughs with respect to relevant products have been achieved. It has obtained three invention patents and one utility model patent and it is a leader of the industry in China in terms of technology. The Corporation has over 40 vacuum furnaces and electric furnaces; meanwhile, it also has advanced optical spectrum analyzers, microcomputer-controlled universal electronic testing machines, microcomputer-controlled impact testing machines, metallographic analyzers, ultrasonic and mechanical properties testing equipment, etc.
To abide by prestige and consumers are firstwhich are the service aim of our enterpriseTo unite and strive foropen up and make innovationswhich are the fighting spirit of our enterpriseTo scientifically manage and strive for the first-calsswhich are the objective of our enterprise in the company.
Welcome friends from all walks of life to establish the cooperation with our company in different ways. Let’s make the investment together, transform and apply new scientific research projects.From win-win to multi-win is our aspiration as well as your goal!





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